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Standby Letter of Credit,

A SBLC is often used to “preserve” a loan or a line of credit in order to demonstrate financial solvency and guarantee a payment to a creditor in the event of a customer default, in which case the SBLC will be obliged to serve guarantee.

Praetors and creditors often appreciate this approach, which is also easy to set up.

These SBLCs are insured to protect investors in the event of default, but in most cases, SBLCs qualify a customer for a line of credit or loan that they would otherwise not qualify for in a conventional bank, the SBLCs and POFs are backed by cash.

Monetization of banking instruments,

We are also experts in the monetization of bank guarantees (BG) and other financial instruments.

We have direct relationships with recognized transmitters and monetizers who offer a full range of programs. 

Bank Guarantees (BGs) can be monetized for: cash, placed in commercial programs (PPP private placement programs) or a mixture of urgent liquidity and funds in a commercial program.

BGs and SBLCs that may be monetized may be offered to any of the 25 major banks, rated and unrated banks, instruments worth more than $ 10 million and BG & SBLC MUST be at least 10 months in advance expiration.

Private placement programs are private (non-public) investment programs based on the purchase or sale of bank financial instruments. These programs are offered to investors with a strong buying capacity and can only be executed by qualified traders with a license to carry out such transactions.

We can introduce you to one of our partner programs if you have large funds or banking instruments.

Private placement programs,

Finance your projects

StanTax can also help you finance / borrow (project finance) based on assets, factoring, equipment leasing, commercial real estate, merger and acquisition, business expansion, debt refinancing. Our goal is to be able to meet your immediate financial needs.

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