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The main features of the company

Type of society :

SA or Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Minimum capital required:

SA: CHF 100,000 (of which 50% are to be released at the opening of the account)

SARL: CHF 20,000 (of which 100% are to be released at the opening of the account)

Legal system :

Civil right

Number of Directors / Shareholders:

Any company must be incorporated with at least one Director (Swiss resident imperatively) and one Shareholder.

Anonymity and confidentiality (Nominee service):

LLC: The names of Directors and Shareholders appear in the Public Register. That’s why it’s possible to use the Nominee service.
SA: The names of Directors only appear in the Public Register, while Shareholders remain anonymous. That is why it is possible to call the service of “Nominated Director”

Secretarial service:

No secretarial service

Society taxes :

The taxes on the companies are Variables, according to the canton and the commune (to consult us)

Taxes on fortune:

Taxes on income are also variable because they are different taxes such as the cantonal tax, the confederation which is calculated differently on the income according to the place of residence ex: 12% in Lucerne, but 25% in Geneva

VAT : 


Government fees based on capital:

Government fees based on capital do not apply

Accounting requirements:

In terms of accounting requirements, it is mandatory to keep accounts and submit annual reports

Bearer shares:

Bearer shares are authorized in SA

Exchange controls:

Exchange control, is reserved for the non-resident

Our prices for a company in Switzerland

Pack creation company in Switzerland

  • Your SARL with a paid up capital of 20,000 Swiss Francs
  • Advantages : paid-up capital, No debts, + 10 years in general.
  • Incorporation Certificate / Articles of Association
  • Your registered capital of 100.000 Swiss Francs from 10.000 € + notary fees
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