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The main features of the company

Type of society :

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Minimum capital required:

Minimum capital requirement of 5000.00 ZL (1100.00 €)

Ready Made on request

Legal system :

Civil right

Number of Directors / Shareholders:

The company must be incorporated with at least one Director and one Shareholder

Anonymity and confidentiality (Nominee service):

The names of the Directors and Shareholders appear in the Public Register but not the Shareholders’ Register, which is why it is possible to use a Nominee service.

Secretarial service:

No secretarial service, but it is recommended

Society taxes :

Corporate taxes amounted to 19%

Taxes on fortune:

Yes N/A

VAT : 


Government fees based on capital:

Government fees based on capital do not apply

Accounting requirements:

In terms of accounting requirements, it is mandatory to keep accounts and submit annual reports

Bearer shares:


Exchange controls:


Our prices for a Poland company

Poland Company Creation Pack

  • Registration of the company
  • Secretary office 1 an
  • Incorporation Certificate / Articles of Association
  • Head office virtual office 1 year
  • Returning mail
  • Bank account (optional) 395.00 €
  • Virtual Phone Number Possible
  • Your .com domain name
  • Zoo and Ready Made Available
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