Singapore Offshore Company

The Stantax service

  • Creation of the company in Singapore in 8 days
  • Absolute customer confidentiality
  • Your Turnkey Company with Comprehensive Assistance

A company in Singapore is ideal for

  • Ownership of real estate
  • Traders
  • Entrepreneurs, business leaders
  • E-commerce
  • Consultants and service providers
  • Web agencies

Advantages of an offshore company in Singapore

  • 0% taxes
  • No minimum capital
  • Shareholder and Nominee Directors Service Available
  • Natural and legal persons may form a company in Singapore
  • Compulsory accounting
  • Minimum shareholder
  • No withholding is applied on dividends
  • VAT : 18%
  • Dividends distributed to shareholders are not taxed
  • Manage your offshore company in Singapore from anywhere in the world

Your turnkey company in 5 steps


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Sending your documents and paying the company


Constitution of your company


Opening bank accounts


Internet access and credit cards

The main features of the company

Type of society :

Private Limited Company (LTD)

Minimum capital required:

No minimum capital required

Legal system :

Common Law

Number of Directors / Shareholders:

At least 1 Nominated Singapore Director included / 1 Director / 1 Shareholder you can be Director 2 and 100% shareholder

Anonymity and confidentiality (Nominee service):

The names of the Directors and Shareholders appear in the Public Register -> possibility of Nominee service. One of the Directors must be a Singaporean resident

Secretarial service:


Society taxes :

0% (offshore)

17% (normal rate)


  • Taxable profits up to 300,000 SGD:
    • 75% of the first 10,000 SGD in profits
    • 50% of the following 290,000 SGD

  • Taxable profits for new companies over the first 3 years of fiscal years:
    • 0% tax from 0 to 100,000 SGD in profits
    • 8.5% in taxes from 100,000 to 300,000 SGD in profits

  • 17% tax if more than 300,000 SGD in profits

Taxes on fortune:




Government fees based on capital:

20 SGD

Accounting requirements:

Obligation to keep accounts and submit annual reports

Bearer shares:


Exchange controls:


Our pricing for a company in Singapore

Company creation pack in Singapore

  • Nominated Director (Mandatory) unless you are a resident of Singapore or an employee visa pass.
  • Company registration
  • Secretary office 1 an
  • Certificate of incorporation / Company statutes / POA
  • Head office virtual office 1 year
  • Mail forwarding
  • Bank account included (Singapore Virtual Bank)
  • Virtual phone number possible
  • Your .com domain name
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